By: Madi Cowell

Vulnerable: capable or susceptible to being wounded or hurt. When I read this definition my first reaction felt like a small pit in my stomach; maybe for you there was a flashback to a specific time in your life that you felt vulnerable.

What if there was a way we could take this painful word and use it for our benefit? Especially as young ladies, we are taught to never be vulnerable, never invest or attach and never let anyone in because of our fear of being hurt. Now don’t get me wrong, the bible tells us to guard our hearts, and that is some of the best advice out there. I can admit from my own personal experiences that once we are made a fool of we don’t want it to happen again. We opened our heart up to someone or something and had it thrown back in our faces. I can see that God gives us these “wounded” and “hurt” stories so that we can go and touch others, but we will never be able to if we let the idea of being vulnerable fill us with fear.

Every time we are hurt we can view it as a sorrowful moment, or we can see it as another great time that God can mold our hearts. Use your times of pain to be open to what he has to offer. In Ruth 3:11 we are told, “And now, my daughter, don’t be afraid. I will do for you all you ask. All the people of my town know that you are a women of noble character.” When we are going through hard times the easiest way of handling it all is to shut down so we don’t have to think of the pain.

What if – instead – we kept our hearts and ears open to the Lord for what is next?

How does He want to use the moments of pain and vulnerability in your life and turn them into something that is tremendously beautiful?


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