Whatever Girls Live: a mother daughter getaway experience

Stay tuned for details about our next event!

Whatever Girls Live is a Friday night-Saturday night getaway event for moms and daughters 7th-12th grade.


Friday Agenda:

  • Registration
  • Dinner
  • Worship/evening sessions
  • Whatever Girls sleepover party

Saturday Agenda:

  • Breakfast
  • Worship/morning sessions
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon sessions
  • Dinner
  • Worship/closing session

Girls Will:

  • Learn how to break free from the cultural definition of beauty
  • Become a gutsy God girl who displays and honors God
  • Find their Christ-centered identity and gain confidence in who God created them to be
  • Learn how to be authentic in their Christ-centered identity in a sexualized, socialized and self-centered world and have impact in their generation
  • Much more!

Moms Will:

  • Learn to model wise living to create a foundation for wise choices
  • Reverse the impact that today‚Äôs sexual culture has on their girls
  • Raise girls who look to Jesus to fill the love gap in their hearts and not boys
  • Develop relationships with their girls that last a lifetime
  • Much more!

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