By Takiela Bynum

Baby girl, when will you realize that no image on this earth reflects My beauty more than you? You will never know true beauty outside of Me…outside of you. Some of you, even your very name means beautiful, and each time someone calls your name, they are literally calling you beautiful. While others have names that have nothing to do with beauty (like Takiela); however, when I call you, trust that I’m calling you wonderful because that’s how I made you, full of wonder. You are who you are because of Me; you are made in My image, My image indeed.

I stitched you together, not your mother, not your father, but Me, the Father, your Lord, and your God. You cover what is meant to be seen and reveal what is meant to be covered. You have chosen to believe an ugly lie rather than the beautiful truth. You hide behind this fictitious person you’ve created in a desperate attempt to be accepted, failing to realize you weren’t designed to fit in, and the person you work so hard at hiding, is the person I destined for great things.

You deny the royal blood running through your veins, you deny the blood of My only paternal Son, and every time you deny the real you that I worked tirelessly creating, in essence you are denying Me.  Who can define you but the One who created you? Why do you deny Me? I will never leave you. I will always love you. Don’t you understand that I am the only One who has the power to backup infinite terms like “never” and “always” I am not a mere man that I should lie, yet you refuse to believe Me.

You are not aware of it but that mask you’re wearing has dual objectives and it’s harming you more than it’s helping you. Although you may be using it as a protective barrier, it is also a preventative barrier. As it protects your heart from being pierced, it also prevents your heart from being penetrated. Pierced is hurt without purpose, they pierced my Son’s side after His mission was already complete (He was already dead) on the cross; penetration requires intimacy, it is pain with a purpose, a connection on a deeper level.

You were not designed to function independent of Me. In your blueprint, I created a rabid hunger within you that can only be satisfied by Me. Only evil thrives within hidden agendas and ulterior motives, with a single objective: to destroy you.

Remember My love if it IS about Me it will edify you, if it IS NOT about Me it’ll end you.  I am redeeming, I am conserving, I am prospering. I am, that* (*what you need according to my will), I AM. Anything outside of Me is ravaging, crushing, and pulverizing; the intent is to utterly (or completely) destroy you. However, I am He who designed you and My intent is to entirely (wholly) draw you (to Myself).

Today, at this moment, “Take off that mask, I want a Father-Daughter dance with the real you. Hey beautiful, may I have this dance?”


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