Tracy Steel

Tracy graduated from Kansas State University with a BS in Interior Design in 1998. Eager to change her clients’ lives by improving the interior space they occupied, she thought she had the blueprints for her future completed. Then she met and fell in love with Jesus Christ, and He changed everything.

Since then she has pursued a different kind of interior design. God’s true design for Tracy involves improving the interior space of the hearts and minds of women around her. As her passion for Jesus and His Word grew, she attended Phoenix Seminary, and in 2005 she received a Graduate Diploma in Biblical Leadership. She then worked in fulltime youth ministry, serving as the Director of Female Students at Scottsdale Bible Church in Scottsdale, Arizona from 2005-2007.

As a military wife and mother of two, she currently pursues her passion for ministry through speaking and writing. She is a contributor for, the Whatever Girls, and enjoys linking up with other bloggers; sharing her heart on sites such as For Every Mom and Just Moved.

Tracy is also the author of Images of His Beauty, a 10-week Bible study for teenage girls and young adult women that focuses on identity in Christ, overcoming and healing through Christ, and bearing the image of Christ.


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