by Jenifer Metzger

The world today is a “plugged in” world.  At any given moment we are connected with anyone and everyone.

While at the park, I see parents sitting on benches with cellphones in hand.  At the ball field parents sit in the stands on ipads or cellphones.   Teenagers walk down the street with ear buds in ears and cellphones in hand {in my neighborhood teens walk down the street with open laptops?!?}.  Everywhere we go, we are plugged in.

Being connected is great. I love that I can get on Facebook and see how my family and friends are doing. I love that I can see how my best friend’s children are growing even though they live hundreds of miles away.

Being connected, being plugged in, is a good thing.

But sometimes we need to unplug from the rest of the world and plug into our child.

She is growing. She is changing.  Her life is hard, not hard in the same sense we have as adults, but her life is hard.  She is faced with many temptations and challenges.  She needs you.  Listen to me please, she needs you.

Unplugging from the rest of the world and plugging into your daughter is so important.  Here are a few ideas to plug into her.

  • Take time out for her, just the two of you.
  • Go to the coffee house.  Teens love coffee these days.  Head to a coffee house for a mocha.
  • Show an interest in the things she loves.  If she loves tennis, play tennis with her.  If she loves cooking, cook with her.
  • Head to the salon together.  She needs a hair cut, you need a hair cut, do it together!
  • Do at home mani/pedis together.

This is a vital time in your daughter’s life and you need to plug into her.  Be intentional about this.

What are ways that you plug into your daughter?


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