Drunkorexia: What it is, and What to do

By Tracy Steel Fellow moms, I came across a term in my social media newsfeed that makes my heart hurt: drunkorexia. If you have not seen the articles circulating about drunkorexia, here is an excerpt from one of them: “The term ‘drunkorexia’ has been used for several...

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The Aroma of Your Character

By Kim Chaffin Fall is my favorite time of year to stock up on lotions and body sprays from Bath & Body Works. I love to wear my “fall” scents all year long! I like the way they smell, and come on, who doesn’t like to smell good? I don’t know a girl that doesn’t...

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Before You Post, Ask Yourself…

By Kim Chaffin Imagine you are standing in front of 500 people. There are 1,000 eyes watching you.   With all of their attention focused on you, would you start saying things like W#%, L^%@O, or any other four-letter words that would make your grandmother’s jaw drop?...

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Jesus: Your Most Important Relationship

By Angie Ryg Hey Girls! Who is the most important person that you can have a relationship with starting today? Let me give you a hint, it is not that cute boy on the tennis team, even though, who knows, maybe you will end up marrying him. It is not any of your...

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Teen Dating Violence: How to Spot It and What to Do

By Brenda Yoder, LMHC Intimate partner violence doesn’t begin when a ring is on a finger or when the guy moves in. It also happens in teen dating relationships. Consider these facts: -In 2001, 1 out of 5 female high school students reported being physically and/or...

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