By Erin Bishop

Here at Whatever Girls, we are all about intentionality. In fact, I started this ministry in 2009 because I am a solution finder, not a problem dweller. The United States Marine Corp has a saying that I like: “improvise, adapt, overcome”. We can’t control what the world or the enemy throws our way, but we can control our response. We can even plan ahead.

Erin and Grace Bishop (2014)

Erin and Grace Bishop (2014)

Before my daughter, Grace, set foot on the campus of her middle school, I designed my response to the enormous amount of peer pressure she would face in the coming years. By being an involved and intentional parent, I have enjoyed my daughter’s teen years far more than I could have imagined.

In the coming weeks I am going to share my best teen girl parenting tips, my parenting fails (get comfortable, there are quite a few), and I’ll share more about the heart of Whatever Girls, what we do, and how you and your daughter can get involved.



But first, here is my number one parenting tip: be there and listen. Grace and I have a very honest and open relationship, but it didn’t happen overnight. For years I have been faithful in making time for her and listening to her talk about the things that matter to her. Each time I listened, I was making deposits in an account that built up enough equity that has earned me the privilege of hearing the things on her teenage girl heart and speaking into her life.

Believe me. There were days when she had to ask me to put my iPhone down, or I was tired or distracted, and she grew impatient with me and stormed off in a huff. Fortunately, I have made more deposits than withdrawals, which has earned me this position in my daughter’s life.

I would love to hear what has worked and what hasn’t worked in your relationship with your daughter.

Erin Bishop is the Founder and President of the Whatever Girls Ministry.

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