By Erin Bishop

We heard from many of you last week when we launched our “Our Daughters Deserve Better” Campaign.  Like us, you are fed up and you want better for your daughter(s). Never underestimate the power of moms uniting. < Click to Tweet. We can make a difference with our voices, our dollars, and most importantly, our prayers.

To keep the momentum of our campaign going, we’re starting something new called  “Moms Sound Off” where we moms can sound off on the good, the bad, and share our prayer requests.

If you’re like me, you appreciate it when a friend passes on some good information such as, where to get cute and modest tanks for your daughter. And, you also appreciate knowing not to bother with a certain store that “all the girls are shopping at” because their mannequin models only feature double zero sized jeans. My daughter wanted to go into a particular store on a recent quest for jeans. I finally relented. We weren’t there for more than a few minutes before Grace said, “it’s like they’re promoting anorexia, Mom! Let’s get out of here!”

So, whether you want to share about a great store or a bad store, or a great book, or to leave a prayer request, we hope you’ll join us.

I’ll start.  First, let me tell you that I loathe shopping.  Actually, loathe isn’t a strong enough word. So, when my daughter asked me to take her to the mall to exchange a pair of jeans, I need to tell you I responded rather immaturely. To say that I did not want to go shopping would be a gross understatement.  I sulked and frowned.  I behaved exactly how my kids get in trouble for behaving.   Not one of my finer parenting moments. I drug my feet the whole way and grumbled between clenched teeth that this was an “in and out trip”, no looking at stuff.

When we got to the store, Vivo, at the lovely River Park Square Mall, my attitude slowly changed. Pink chandeliers. Everywhere. My kind of place! We made our way to the counter to process our exchange and were greeted by a very friendly sales associate. I glanced down and saw some wallets that said “Faith, Hope and Love”. You don’t see those everyday. I looked around the store. “Is this by chance a Christian business?” I asked.  The associate told me “yes” and gave me some information about their other locations. Grace pointed to the ceiling “Hear the Third Day, Mom? They’re playing Positive Life Radio!”

I actually enjoyed myself at this store and plan to visit often. Well, as often as someone who doesn’t enjoy shopping, but who has a teenage daughter goes shopping.

If you live in the Spokane area you can visit Vivo at any of their five locations. They are also opening a new store in the Tri-Cities area, which will be their largest store yet.

Have you ever heard of or been to Vivo? I hope you will go check them out and support this nice Christian owned business. And, if you plan to come to our conference next year, you can go visit Vivo!

Your turn to add something good, bad, or a prayer request.


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