By Nancy Bentz

Please join me over at Ishshah’s Story once again for this month’s dual Ishshah’s Story & The Whatever Girls contributor post – Material Girl.

Ishshah means ‘woman’ – the Hebrew word used in Genesis 2 before the Fall. If you’ve not checked out the Ishshah’s Story site, I encourage you to do so. It is full of resources and encouragement for Christian Ishshahs and Whatever Women like us!

This month’s post is ‘sew’ captivating to one’s heart.

Material Girl excerpt:

…the phrase material girl took on a different meaning many years ago when the Lord showed me the texture of my heart. It was a fabric the Bible calls stony.

Though I couldn’t know what all He was up to at the time, it was a defining moment when the first seam in the fiber of my stony heart was pulled loose.


Click here to read the full article!

Every blessing ~ Nancy

Learn more about my contributor collaboration with Ishshah’s Story and The Whatever Girls here.

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