When was the last time you saw a little girl? I mean a little girl who looked and acted her age? 

I have a 14 year old girl and have noticed over the years when we go shopping for clothes there are very few choices that correspond with her age.  And her profession as a student as opposed to, well, not a student.

I saw these pictures of Miley Cyrus on the internet and was truly sad for her.

Source: Google Images

Source: Google Images









She’s 19 now and has been legally considered an adult for nearly two years. But when I look at her I see a little girls face trapped in an older woman’s body. Still a glimpse of innocence.

Gone is the fresh innocence I notice in this picture.

Source: Google Images








I don’t mean to pick on or single Miley Cyrus out. But she’s someone probably all of us know about and is the perfect example of girls growing up too fast.

Why are little girls growing up so fast? I think one big reason is that the media sucks our girls (and boys) into the comparison game.  You have to look like this, wear that, be this tall, be this size, have a boyfriend (or girlfriend) and so it goes.  I doubt anyone will disagree with me here.  We experience this as adults, even.

Here’s what I think is “the reason”.  They are searching for approval and the kind of love that only one can fulfill.  Jesus.  My friend Lynn Cowell calls it a “love gap” in her book “His Revolutionary Love”.  I agree.  When I became a Christian I felt like a hole in my heart was filled.  Complete.  A God sized hole that only He can perfectly fit into.

Why do you think little girls are trying to become women at such a young age?

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