Kim Chaffin

Kim is a member of City Life Church Leadership team with a degree in Sociology (crime & corrections). A wife of 23 years and mother of two, Kim is currently enrolled in Portland Bible College (never stop learning and growing). Her passion is helping women of all ages really understand how much God loves them. Kim was honored to be a speaker in a media seminar at the 2013 Christian Women in Media Association (CWIMA)National conference in Texas.

She is blog writer at Heartfelt Ramblings of a Midlife Domestic Goddess and a monthly contributor for Living Better 50 Magazine.  Kim just finished her first book and is waiting on God’s timing to take the next step with it. Kim, AKA “Momma Chaffy” also has a heart for youth.  She is not surprised to get texts at all hours of the day or night or to open her door to find a youth in need of prayer.

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