Each year, as the school year begins I make plans. I do the same thing come summer time. A few short weeks ago I sat down to plan our summer. I want my boys to become more accomplished readers. I want to get the bedrooms organized and deep cleaned early on in the summer. I want to carve out time each day to get ahead on all of the blogs I write for.

Just a few weeks in and I can already see my plans failing. Yes, we have definitely done some reading. But we haven’t sat together in the living room as we read together for thirty minutes then read individually for an hour. {Told you I planned everything out.} Yes, I have told the boys to clean their rooms, but no, I haven’t deep cleaned and organized. And not only am I not ahead on the blogs I write for, but I am behind. Many of the things on my daily agenda haven’t even been given thought to.

I feel like I have failed and yet we are not even a month in. I hate that feeling. The feeling like I already messed up so why try. Why not just throw the list out the window and let them do what they want all summer.

This mama needs some grace.

Too often we tend to be hard on ourselves. We don’t complete something so we feel like a failure. It’s 1 o’clock in the afternoon and we realize the kids haven’t had lunch, we feel as thought we are a neglectful mom. We need to give ourselves some grace.

We are human. We will mess up. Plans will fail. It’s okay. We will mess up on the diet, we will let the kids sleep later than they should on a nap, we will forget to make that phone call, we will goof from time to time.

Give yourself some grace. Just take a breath and get back to it.


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