Empowering Women Tea

Women need each other. There is a synergy that occurs when women’s hearts and minds are knitted together for the greater good. Whether it’s encouraging a friend to chase her dreams, supporting a friend’s business, meeting a practical need like babysitting or preparing a meal, or giving of your time, talent, or treasure- empowered women empower women.

What Empowers Us?
True empowerment comes from our Creator. It is not because of who we are, what we accomplish, or what others think of us that makes us empowered. It is because of whose we are, of what he accomplishes through us, and what he thinks of us that makes us empowered.

It’s Generational
This true empowerment is what we must strive to impart to the next generation of women. We must lead by example, be intentional, and look for opportunities to come alongside and do life with other women.

About Dr. Joneal Kirby: Dr. Kirby is an author, speaker and founding leader of Heartfelt Ministries, whose mission is to encourage multi-generational relationships among women of faith. Heartfelt Ministry focuses on discipling women in God’s church, studying the Bible, mentoring in issues of faith and family, and evangelizing the lost. Dr. Kirby is a popular speaker for conferences and workshops as well as being featured on radio, television and internet podcasts. Her own conference, The Heartfelt Experience, is attended by thousands of women.  She has written and hosted a daily radio program since 2005 and as a current listening audience of over 100,000 listeners. She also co-wrote and hosted a television Bible Study and Christian lifestyle program for Legacy Network. She has also done dozens of interviews for radio, television and internet hosts concerning Heartfelt and was recently featured on Focus on the Family. She is also the author of several books.

Heartfelt is forever grateful and thankful for the partnership with Kay Robertson, of A & E’s Duck Dynasty and Missy Robertson and her daughter, Mia. All the Robertson family women, Jessica (wife of Jep), Lisa (wife of Alan Robertson) and Korie and Sadie (Willie’s wife and daughter) have all been a part of Heartfelt since its beginnings at White’s Ferry Road Church in West Monroe, Louisiana. It is because of their love and support of this ministry that the Heartfelt Experience Conferences began. Dr. Kirby’s sister is Chrys Howard, mother of Korie and grandmother of Sadie. These faith-filled women have been a vital part of women’s ministry with Dr. Kirby in their home church. The Kirby’s also are close friends with Alan and Lisa Robertson. The two couples have worked together in marriage ministry for over 15 years. They teach in marriage retreats together and their current project is an Alaskan marriage cruise is planned for July, 2017 with Premiere Productions: The Robertson Marriage Retreat Cruise.

Dr. Kirby and her husband, Randy, recently celebrated their marriage of 41 years. Having met while in college, they begin their newlywed life in 1975 and started off teaching together in the same school. Randy’s career changed soon after their three children arrived and he has worked for Merrill Lynch for over thirty years. Their children, are Josh Kirby (to be married in May, 2018), Jake Kirby (married to Jamie) and Katelyn Taylor (married to Grant). Their family has expanded even more now with grandchildren- five grandboys, with a granddaughter joining their family in May of 2018. A generational blessing for both Randy and Joneal is that both of their mothers are still an active part of their families, while both of their fathers have passed on. As a couple in ministry together, they have worked in children’s and youth ministries for years. They also created a marriage ministry, WFR Church Marriage Retreat, which now knows national success. The Kirbys live in West Monroe, Louisiana on 130 acres of wooded land. They feel most blessed when their five grandsons are there, running and playing.

About Jenna Johansen: 17 year old Spokane girl Jenna Johansen is capturing hearts and influencing countless lives through her songwriting and singing. Jenna has written and performed several songs, notably “Remember You” (Sam’s Song), which she wrote after the tragic Freeman High School Shooting in the fall of 2017. Jenna is also a teen ambassador for Whatever Girls. You can listen to her podcast interview with Whatever Girls Founder and President, Erin Bishop, HERE, and follow her on Facebook, HERE.

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