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Part 1:  Notes to Teenage Me

Part 2:  More Notes to Teenage Me


September 21

Dear Diary:

Today, everything went wrong. I’d been planning to go over to the neighbor’s house to swim laps, like I always do. But all afternoon their family monopolized the pool. I was so mad; they ruined my whole day.


To Teenage Me:

This habit of letting one obstacle stop you in your tracks will “ruin” many, many days, if you let it.

I totally understand your disappointment.  Feeling bummed when you can’t do what you planned is normal.

Your tendency to cling to your plans, however, is keeping you from learning how to flex when necessary. You’re giving your expectations and your feelings of being “let down” far more power than they’re worth.

God has so much more in store! 

Proverbs 19:21

Your Future Self


September 22

Dear Diary:

While I was making breakfast this morning, I heard fire engines and voices over loud speakers. Turned out, a fire was blazing out of control less than a mile away! It barely missed the homes of several friends! Mother was quite panicked for a while–so was I. Then I felt SO foolish about my great distress at not being able to swim when I wanted yesterday.


To Teenage Me:

Perspective is a wonderful thing, isn’t it?

I’m glad you responded to the Holy Spirit convicting you about your extreme upset over a missed swim. A tender conscience is a gift, as is willingness to learn.

Learn to listen to the Holy Spirit even as a foul mood is starting swell within you.

Even the biggest balloon of disappointment is quickly burst with contentment!

Philippians 4:11-13

Your Future Self


December 26

Dear Diary:

Well, I was hoping to label this as “the Christmas of joy” But joy to the world–at least my world–happens only when I’m with my friends. And I won’t see them for another week!


To Teenage Me:

You are blessed with wonderful friends, that’s for sure! And when you’re around them, you often feel happiness.

But joy?

Joy is waaaaay beyond mere happiness. Joy comes from a source that, unlike your friends, is always present. Emmanuel: God with you.

Take time this week to en-JOY the greatest gift you will ever receive!

Nehemiah 8:10


Romans 15:13

Your Future Self


* * * * *

Your Turn!

  • What would you like to say to my “Teenage Me”?
  • What would you say to your “Teenage Me”?
  • Post a diary excerpt that shares what’s on your teenage heart!


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