By Joneal Kirby

When you hear someone mention “Family Devotional Time” you may get all pumped up, and ready to share the plan you roll out every morning for developing your daughter’s spiritual muscles…or not.

You may actually moan, groan, and roll your eyes knowing the reaction your daughter has every time you mention such an activity. She may dread those planned, and sometimes awkward moments as you attempt to read words of Proverbs’ wisdom and just sing ONE song together.

As a mom, you may not be a Bible scholar, a praise leader, or a trained speaker, so it is natural that you may be a little self-conscious trying to lead a devotional in front of your daughter. You also may want her to actually LOVE these moments of spiritual growing. Those expectations, and your lack of confidence lead to NOT ever wanting to do them again because that is not exactly her reaction, and is exactly yours.

Not knowing exactly what to say can lead to feeling ill at ease at best, and completely embarrassed at worst. It may be best to plan to have only a few of these planned devotionals and instead, include your spiritual training of your daughter into your daily lives.

Here are five ways to build your daughter’s spiritual muscles:

  • Cuddle on the couch before bedtime and talk about all the ways that God blessed you during the day.
  • Say a prayer for grandpa or a family friend together to ask for God’s healing hand.
  • Talk about what her Bible class lesson at church was all about.
  • Talk to her about the youth group’s mission effort and how it is affecting her life.
  • Begin your day reading an encouraging Psalm around the kitchen table together.

These are simple, daily ways that mean a lot as you love on your daughter and help her focus on God.

Here’s an idea: Try out one of the above activities with your daughter this week and do something at least once a week that gives focused attention to spiritual matters. Expect a little resistance from her as this is new for her, but hang with it and soon it will become a regular part of your lives.

Here’s an inspiration for you, Mom:

“Show me the way I should go, for to you I lift up my soul.”   (Psalm 143:8)

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