M. A. D. – The “My Adam” Deceit

By Takiela Bynum©

MADSingle girls say – “I’m waiting on my Adam.

Girls in a relationship (boyfriend, fiancé, husband) say – “I’ve found my Adam.

This is the phrase I see trending on websites, blogs, social media, and among ministries. I must admit that initially my thoughts were…”aww, that’s cute” and the moment the thought entered my mind the Lord lovingly nudged my heart. Later that night, I sought God and searched the scriptures (and vice versa), repeating this cycle for several days. Let me tell you young ladies the truth hurts sometimes, but nevertheless, not my will but His will be done.

May His will free you, in all things.

Daughters of God, I love you. As your Father, the King, my plans for you are to give you hope and to prosper you. Even you, being born in sin and shaped in inequity give good gifts to your children, will I not do the same? Listen to Me sweetheart, do not adopt any principle that is not based on My Word, which is rooted and founded in Me. Do not lie to yourself by trusting what is worthless because you will get nothing in return (Job 15:31 NIV), whoever invests in lies will get lies plus interest due before the due date (Job 15:31and31 MSG). There is only one father of lies. I have come to set the captives free, I am the way, the truth, and the light. You must go through My Son to get to Me.

Do you know the story of Adam and the consequences of his decision? He listened to his wife and disobeyed Me (Genesis 3:17-19). Why would you refer to the husband you say I have blessed you with, as your “Adam” and if he is your “Adam” that makes you his…? Do you really want your husband to refer to you as his “Eve” the woman who caused sin to enter the world (Genesis 3:16)?

Daughters of the King, you should reflect no one outside of Me. Likewise, My sons should reflect no one outside of Me. I created mankind in My own image, in the image of Me, I created them, both the men and the women (Genesis 1:27).

How can imperfection strive for imperfection, only I am He who is perfect, strive only for Me. I love you and have loved you with a limitless love that outlasts time. Return to your place of royalty in Me.

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Clearing Your Court

by Madi Cowell

As we start off this New Year I thought it extremely befitting to discuss new beginnings and goals. At this time of year, it seems that we all become a little more motivated, encouraged, and ready to do the hard work all over again!

But what about this…have you ever felt like you were doing ALL the hard work, everything you were supposed to do, right where God wanted you, and then “Boom!” in an instant He changes it? How do we handle those times? I can definitely say this situation has frustrated me multiple times, but the end results are like nothing like I expected.

In my Bible, John chapter 2 is named ‘Jesus Clears the Temple Courts’, and when I read this story it hit me straight on. The Jewish people had been using the temple courts as a market, selling what they had to offer there. When Jesus finds out, He tells them He doesn’t want His Father’s house used in this way, and to get rid of it all. They reply saying how should they believe that He is truly in authority? “Destroy this temple, and I will raise it again in three days.” They replied, “It has taken forty-six years to build this temple and you’re going to raise it in three days?” John 2:19-20. (NIV)

As the story continues, Jesus explains He is speaking of the temple of His body. He was the true source for these people. He then continues to lead many to his Father, and the road He has planned out for them. But, what stood out to me more than anything was the fact that what took these people 46 years…took Jesus 3 days.

Now here is the key: God being able to move through us has everything to do with how quickly we allow Him to move within us. It is all based on our obedience. There are so many examples in my life when I could have saved myself so much time and energy if I had just listened to God the first time. I could have used all those days of worrying and anxiety—even though He told me He had it under control—to further myself and invest more in Him. It can be devastating at first to set down everything we have been working on for years to push towards the unknown, hoping God really does have our back, and best in mind. Then, I remember He is the one that sees my future and where I will be, not me. God never shows us something or someone great and amazing only for it to be taken from us, unless there is something better in store.

Madi's BioOur God is a God of love, and He can show us all He has in store. Then He can fulfill the potential He has placed ahead of us.




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