The Princess Ball: A Spokane Movement for Dads of Daughters


November_2014_Cover-450x708By: Erin Bishop

Whatever Girls is excited to be featured in the November edition of the Spokane Area Metro Woman magazine. Promoting our second annual Whatever Girls Princess Ball and “She’s My Girl, He’s My Dad” conference, both on November 15. Whatever Girls founder, Erin Bishop‘s biggest passion in life is for parents to intentionally invest in their children’s lives. Erin shares about the impact of a father’s presence or absence in his daughter’s life. 

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Over at Spokane Metro Woman Blog The Princess Ball: A Spokane Movement for Dads of Daughters.

222066_4668585759169_537705249_nEvents like the Princess Ball and father daughter conference are great ways for dads to invest in their daughter’s lives. You can pick up a free copy of this magazine all over Spokane or follow link above. Please help us get the word out about these events by sharing this link:


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