Want to Start a Girls Group?

By Erin Bishop

I get a lot of emails from moms who want to start a group like Whatever Girls for their daughters. I love getting these emails because that means there are some intentional moms out there who are investing in their girls’ lives. That is to be commended!

I’ve got a quick resource for you on how to go about starting your own girls group. If you have questions or are interested in having me come alongside you in a mentor capacity, let me know in the comments.

Here is your free resource: Whatever Girls- Starting a Small Group



11 Things Your Daughter Should Know about Her Mother (continued…)

By Jen Ferguson

Did you miss 1-5?  Click here to go back to the beginning.  Learn the full scoop on why I think it’s important that our daughter’s know these things about our lives…

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{6}  RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD.  How do you connect with God now?  How did you connect with Him during different parts of your life?  How is your view of Him now different or the same as how you viewed Him at varying points of your spiritual growth?

{7}  MONEY.  How did you learn to manage money?  Are you a good steward now?  What does it mean to be a good steward of your finances?

{8}  MATERIAL GOODS.  What role do material goods play in your life, now and in the past?  What things, that money can buy, are important to you and why?  How much emphasis do you allow them to have in your life? Does this differ from when you were a tween/teen/young adult?

{9}  TIME.  How do you approach this concept of time?  Are you more likely to view as “not enough time” or “everything in God’s time?”  Who is in charge of your time and why does it matter?  What role do you give God in managing your time?

{10}  DRUGS & ALCOHOL.  Did you use them back in the day?  What drew you to them, if so?  Do you use them now?  What role do they play?  How to you know whether to engage with them or not?  What motivates you to stay away or pushes you towards them?

{11}  LABELS.  What labels do you put on yourself?  Are they positive, negative, life and person-defining?  How have those labels affected you?  Would you rather be without them or does this make you feel naked?  What if your only label read, “His?”

Here’s the thing.  I’m not sure I know all the answers to these questions right now.  But I need to know so that when  my daughter needs my opinion, advice, or just a snapshot of my life, I can articulate my answers so that they might be life-giving to her.  So even if you daughter can’t even talk yet, why not sit with these questions a bit and allow God to reveal Himself?


*Author’s note:  I believe that the Holy Spirit will prompt us when it is the appropriate timing to share about these issues.  Only God knows when our hearts are ready to speak and when their hearts are ready to really hear what we are saying.  Please offer up this list to God and ask Him when the timing is right.

Teen Talk with Grace: Peer Pressure/Dating

Welcome to a new episode of “Teen Talk with Grace”. Today we’re talking about peer pressure and dating with Grace. We touched on one of my favorite verses to call on when discussing dating: “Daughters of Jerusalem, I charge you: Do not arouse or awaken love until it so desires.” Song of Songs 8:4

You wouldn’t eat uncooked pasta, or make bread from dough that hasn’t risen yet, would you? No, of course not. Why? Because they haven’t reached the potential they were created for. This happens so often with relationships. We get so excited about the possibilities that we rush in and end up disappointed because our expectations aren’t met.
Click HERE to watch this week’s Teen Talk with Grace.
Teen talk with Grace

Pray for the Mom

By Erin Bishop

Pray for the single mom who has three little boys under the age of five. Each morning she rises early for the new day. Three boys who need warm clothes, warm coats and food in their little tummies. She hurries as fast as she can to the city bus stop each morning for her commute. Her little boys follow her like little ducklings in tow, trudging through the snow and slush.

Pray for the mom who doesn’t know where tomorrow’s meals are coming from because her husband drank away her paycheck. Again.

Pray for the mom who at 34 still feels like she doesn’t belong. Anywhere.

Pray for the mom whose little boy’s life was cut short because of a drunk driver.

Pray for the mom whose teenage daughter has become addicted to drugs and might not live to see her next birthday.

Pray for the mom who skips two meals a day to make sure her kids get three meals a day.

Pray for the mom who just found out her husband has been unfaithful and that everything was a lie.

Pray for the mom who doesn’t know how to be a good mom.

Pray for the single mom of four who does her best to make ends meet, doesn’t get child support and can’t afford to buy her daughter feminine hygiene products.

Pray for the mom who had a fight with her teenage daughter before leaving for work and got the call no mother should have to take.

Pray for the mom who has to choose between gas for the car or food on the table.

Who are you praying for today? How can we pray for you?


11 Things Your Daughter Should Know about Her Mother

By Jen Ferguson

We were sitting around the kitchen table and my oldest daughter, who is 8, started talking about a boy named Anthony.

Apparently, he likes her.

Apparently, she likes him back.

I was curious to know what this meant in an 8 year-old’s mind and so I started with something I thought was harmless.

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stock photo

“Do you hold his hand?”

“Ewww, Mom!  No!”


Somehow, the conversation steered toward her father and myself.  And somehow we got onto the subject of kissing.  And somehow I opened my way too big of a mouth and said, “Yes, I kissed a few boys before I met your father.”

[Insert very shocked 8 year-old look.]

And then somehow, my husband let it slip that we kissed on the first date.

I do not want my daughter kissing on the first date.

But this whole conversation really got me thinking.  If she doesn’t know about my life (at some point – we need to keep the conversations developmentally appropriate), how can she use my mistakes to at least be a deterrent before she makes her mistakes?

I firmly believe that one way that God redeems our sins, our failures, and our mistakes is by allowing others to learn from them, too.

I’ve put together this list of eleven things I think that our girls should know about us (remember, at some point) so that we can have real authentic conversations with our daughters.  Because I honestly believe, also, that if we expect and desire for them to be real with us, we need to expect and desire to be real with them. *

{1}  KISSING.  When was the first time you kissed a boy?  Looking back, how did you feel about it then?  How do you feel about it now?  Are you happy with your decision or would you go back and do it differently?  Why?

{2}  FOOD.  What kind of food habits did you have when you  were growing up?   What have you learned with regards to food?  Do you struggle?  How does your relationship with food affect your self-image?

{3}  MEAN GIRLS & BULLIES.  Did you have “mean girls” in your life?  Were you a “mean girl?”  How did you cope?  What made you a “mean girl?”

{4}  FRIENDSHIPS.  What friends do you have now that have been a part of your life for a very long time?  What qualities does this person have that has made her a keeper?

{5}  SEX.  What did you think about sex in high school?  In college?  Just before you were married?  How do these viewpoints differ from the one you have now?  If you had sex before you were married, what were the emotional burdens that came with that?

Whew!  Feeling a little overwhelmed?  Yeah, me, too.  We’ll discuss the other 6 things next week, okay?  In the mean time, in the comments, will you let me know which of these first 5 seems the most daunting?  Why?  Which one do you think will be a breeze?

*Author’s note:  I believe that the Holy Spirit will prompt us when it is the appropriate timing to share about these issues.  Only God knows when our hearts are ready to speak and when their hearts are ready to really hear what we are saying.  Please offer up this list to God and ask Him when the timing is right.

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