Little Girl or Woman?

When was the last time you saw a little girl? I mean a little girl who looked and acted her age? 

I have a 14 year old girl and have noticed over the years when we go shopping for clothes there are very few choices that correspond with her age.  And her profession as a student as opposed to, well, not a student.

I saw these pictures of Miley Cyrus on the internet and was truly sad for her.

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She’s 19 now and has been legally considered an adult for nearly two years. But when I look at her I see a little girls face trapped in an older woman’s body. Still a glimpse of innocence.

Gone is the fresh innocence I notice in this picture.

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I don’t mean to pick on or single Miley Cyrus out. But she’s someone probably all of us know about and is the perfect example of girls growing up too fast.

Why are little girls growing up so fast? I think one big reason is that the media sucks our girls (and boys) into the comparison game.  You have to look like this, wear that, be this tall, be this size, have a boyfriend (or girlfriend) and so it goes.  I doubt anyone will disagree with me here.  We experience this as adults, even.

Here’s what I think is “the reason”.  They are searching for approval and the kind of love that only one can fulfill.  Jesus.  My friend Lynn Cowell calls it a “love gap” in her book “His Revolutionary Love”.  I agree.  When I became a Christian I felt like a hole in my heart was filled.  Complete.  A God sized hole that only He can perfectly fit into.

Why do you think little girls are trying to become women at such a young age?

The Wet Box

I buy my kitchen trash bags at Costco.  They come in a box of 500 and fit neatly under my kitchen sink, next to the trash can.  This spot under my sink hides behind two cabinet doors and gets cleaned only when absolutely necessary.  Necessary as in, someone’s food misses the trash can causing an offensive odor which demands my immediate attention or worse yet, something dislodges and I discover a new body of water complete with floating sponges and foaming dishwasher detergent tablets.  

I’m a procrastinator.  So when I noticed a few (yes, really, a few) weeks ago that the thin cardboard box that houses the trash bags was damp, I cringed.  After a brief investigation I was satisfied that no further action was required.  Meaning, I was too lazy to take everything out and clean up the cupboard because I didn’t see any standing water. 

Fast forward to about a week ago.  The entire box is damp and has begun deteriorating- I pick it up and the bottom gives out because the foundation has been destroyed.  Still uncertain how this leak started, the mess remained contained to the box.  However, upon picking up the box, I discover remnants have begun sticking to the bottom of the cabinet and will require some scrubbing off.

Much like the cardboard box under my sink, I am weak.  For, like this box, I have soaked up the things of this world which cause me to fall apart.  Fear, comparison, strife, doubts, frustration, anger, jealousy, addictions, lies, hate, struggles, insecurities and all else that is ugly.  I am incapable of defending myself from the silent and hidden war that is our world.  The things of this world touch me.  They infiltrate.  Consume and overtake.   And in turn, I stick to and rub off on those closest to me; my husband and children. 

I will make time today or tomorrow to pull everything out and clean under the sink.  I have already selected a heavy plastic bin for the storing of the trash bags and other “under the sink items”.  Indeed, something much stronger is required to combat the silent and hidden war that wages under my kitchen sink, behind those two cabinet doors. 

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But today.  Today I will outfit myself in a protective covering that the things of this world cannot bleed into.  The belt of Truth is buckled around my waist.  The breastplate of righteousness is in place.  My feet are fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace.  I carry the shield of faith, and I wear on my head the helmet of salvation.  And I carry with me the sword of the Spirit.  The Full Armor of God.  Yes, this is exactly what is required to combat the silent and hidden war that wages within me. 

Now I say to you, devil, why do you walk around as the victor, when you have been defeated?  And I ask myself (and you) why do you walk around defeated, when you are the victor? 

Are you walking in defeat or in victory?

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