Your June 2018 Prayer Calendar is Here!

Your June 2018 prayer calendar is here! It's hard to believe the school year is already here. We hope you have seen God move in your daughter's life this school year and in your relationship with her. If you’re new to #WhenMomsPray, this year our theme for...

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Your May 2018 Prayer Calendar is Here!

Your May 2018 prayer calendar is here! This month our prayers are inspired by Ephesians 4. We hope you will find this month of praying over your daughter especially rewarding. If you’re new to #WhenMomsPray, this year our theme for #WhenMomsPray is “Possessing the...

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Your April 2018 Prayer Calendar is Here!

Your April 2018 prayer calendar is here! Tomorrow we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Death couldn't hold Him! That SAME power that rose Jesus from the dead LIVES IN US! Let's remember that power when we pray! If you’re new to #WhenMomsPray, this year our...

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Why God Calls Warriors to Let Go

“Like arrows in the hands of a warrior, are children born in one’s youth.” Psalm 127:4 I watched through the pouring rain as my daughter walked away from the curb hauling two large suitcases. It was a milestone moment—Mama had no tears. I had dropped Jenna off at the...

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Choosing the Block Option

Growing up I did not have social media or a cell phone that allowed anyone to get a hold of me through texts, social media apps or email any time they wanted. When someone was hurtful to me, I would not feel obligated to hang out with him or her. It was easy to just...

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The Weight of Your “Yes”: Why Keeping Your Word Matters

Do you know the weight of your “yes”? When you make a commitment to someone by saying “yes”, the other person begins to make plans based on your “yes”. Maybe you said “yes” to a friend’s dinner invitation, so your friend made a special menu, made a grocery-shopping...

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