When it Feels Like God is Hiding

By Ginger Ciminello Dear Ginger, How do I know what God wants me to do? I feel like I can’t tell the difference between His voice and my voice... and I really want to. -B Dear B, First, I want you to know that God speaks to all of us differently and calls us...

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Jesus > Netflix

By Tori Bell Tonight I did something ridiculous. I watched an entire television season on Netflix. Yes. An entire season. Now, this may seem “normal” as Netflix is a common obsession among teens and college students these days. But, do you know what I did not do? I...

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The Truth About High School: 7 Lessons I Learned

By Grace Pohl Whoever started the quote “High School is the best time of your life” obviously did not know what they were talking about. It is basically the opposite of High School Musical, sorry to break the news to you. Yes, high school can be fun, but it is not all...

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Lessons and Legacies

By Dr. Joneal Kirby Recently my oldest son asked me what I think about the upcoming election. My response was I have so many concerns if our country continues the path it's been on for the past 8 years. My concern is for the country this little boy and the other 5...

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Spiritual Football: Does She Know It?

By Tracy Steel  Have you heard of the great Green Bay Packer Coach, Vince Lombardi? He transformed the Packers from a losing team, turning them into a team that won five NFL championships. “… Football in hand, the great coach walked to the front of the room… held out...

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Sex Education—Why Parents are the Best Teachers

By Rick Johnson With all the negative outcomes regarding promiscuous sexuality, it is especially important that our pre-teens and teenagers be properly educated about the dangers involved, but it’s difficult talking to your kids about sex. That’s why many parents...

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