Jesus: Your Most Important Relationship

By Angie Ryg Hey Girls! Who is the most important person that you can have a relationship with starting today? Let me give you a hint, it is not that cute boy on the tennis team, even though, who knows, maybe you will end up marrying him. It is not any of your...

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Teen Dating Violence: How to Spot It and What to Do

By Brenda Yoder, LMHC Intimate partner violence doesn’t begin when a ring is on a finger or when the guy moves in. It also happens in teen dating relationships. Consider these facts: -In 2001, 1 out of 5 female high school students reported being physically and/or...

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The Growing Pains of Friendship in High School

By Grace Pohl I always heard that your friends will change in high school and that you most likely won’t have the same friends when you graduate, but I never thought that would happen to me. Breaking news: I was wrong. I wish I could have been more prepared for the...

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#WhenMomsPray: A Call to Pray For Our Daughters

By: Erin Bishop It's the start of a new school year, and while we can't send our kids out the door with armed guards to protect them from the dangers of the world, peer pressure, bullies, and bad influences, we can arm them with something even more powerful: the armor...

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Trust: The Key to Your Daughter’s Heart

By Joanna Teigen As our daughters grow, we can feel like they’re pulling away. Part-time jobs, extra-curricular activities, and social plans compete for their attention. We feel that our role as “mom” is pushed to the back burner in their lives. It’s exciting to see...

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When it Feels Like God is Hiding

By Ginger Ciminello Dear Ginger, How do I know what God wants me to do? I feel like I can’t tell the difference between His voice and my voice... and I really want to. -B Dear B, First, I want you to know that God speaks to all of us differently and calls us...

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