The Truth About Teens, Sex Trafficking and Social Media

By Brenda Yoder, LMHC I recently attended a sex-trafficking training for care providers working with kids. Though I’m a school counselor and Licensed Mental Health Counselor, I learned childhood sex trafficking is not just a counselor’s issue. It’s a...

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Three Ways to Get Attention (the right way)

By Angie Ryg You think your day was bad? I had badminton today and we had to go to the gym. Of course, the seniors from the baseball team came in and started using the weights and then I realized that my water bottle is right by the weight benches! Well, our team had...

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God is Writing My Story

By Tori Bell As I have matured in my walk with the Lord over the years, I have been seeking more ways to share my story in order to serve the Lord and bring glory to him. I truly believe that the opportunity I have been given to write for the Whatever Girls Ministry...

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Mamas, Do Let Your Daughters Grow Up to be Cowgirls

By Joneal Kirby, PhD At some point every little girl dreams of having a horse. It’s a wish of most children to own a horse someday or at least to ride one. Certainly it was mine. I was blessed to have a daddy who understood this early passion of mine. So, when I...

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6 Clues to Discovering a True Friend

By Joanna Teigen God loves you and never wants you to walk through life alone. The Bible has plenty to say about friendship. Friends encourage us when we’re down, help us through our struggles and share the best times of our lives. Yet, sometimes, it’s hard to tell if...

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Father-like Husband

By Grace Pohl Growing up, I was never like my friends. I never had interest in dating just to date. I always had the mentality that if I did not see a future with the boy, why should I date them? My high expectations for boys stem from my dad. I have always been...

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